Karn Saroya

Co-founder & CEO @ Cover. Started Stylekick. Oliver Wyman FS. YC Alum. Fulbright Scholar.

Would you sell a mini-fridge out of a McLaren?


Sometime ago my team and I were looking for our first dedicated office space for Stylekick. Up until then, we’d been lucky enough to score a fairly subsidized spot on Queen West in Toronto. Sometimes, good things come to an end. Our hosts, the very hospitable Highline ventures, gave us notice that we had gotten just a little to big for the space and we got the gentle boot.

At this point, we were still pretty cash-strapped, and the founding team hadn’t been taking salary for some time. In fact, only a few weeks earlier, before we closed smallish round of funding, we had only $54 in the bank with $20K in payroll coming up. During interesting times, we went out looking for a deal on a new space.

In finding this place, I was lucky enough to know the CEO of another tech startup in Toronto who had just raised a meaningful amount of money. Their team decided they needed to level-up to a...

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